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CharlieWilkeBioPicCharlie Wilke
Originally from the midwest, Charlie buried himself in media production early in life. He worked for his collegiate newspaper, the radio station, the TV station and even worked crew on two local reality shows. Charlie won an award for best comedy short in 2003 and found time to shoot a 20-minute documentary on table tennis all before graduating college.

Since then, Charlie’s made numerous corporate training videos, big-budget video games, no-budget short films, and tons of marketing copy.

Jake Buras
Hailing from the heart of North Houston suburbia, Jake spent his youth cultivating an inflated ego. After studying theater and debauchery at The University of Evansville, he looked to the west coast, declared it would be his and sauntered out to LA to make it so.

While enduring existential woes at the hands of corporate, his passion for comedy reared its poverty-inducing head and drove him to quit in order to be a full-time purveyor of the surreal. Give him your money.

_mg_2649Matt Hudacs
Matt is an actor, comedian, writer, improviser, and all-around entertainer from the East Coast. He’s performed with his improv troupe Chaos Comedy for Target’s “BullseyeU” live video stream, The Comedy Central Stage, ACME Comedy and many more locations around Hollywood and North Hollywood.

Matt has performed stand-up comedy at Flappers Comedy Club, The Comedy Store, HaHa Cafe, Helium Comedy Club and many more. Matt has had seven different countries vote for him to be dunked in a tank of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Matt has also never peed in the ocean. These last two facts make Matt’s parents very proud.

Lori Dean
Lori comes direct from the Midwest where the people are friendly if not a little dumb. Nonetheless, she’s proud of her roots and loves her family dearly. 

Lori was bitten by the acting bug at the glorious age of seven. She then decided to waste her parents’ and her own money by getting a four-year Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre at Indiana University just so she can remain that seven-year-old for the rest of her life. 

Upon graduating she immediately got hired at the Olive Garden and lived out her other life’s dream of eating an infinite amount of carb-heavy Tour-of-Italys every day.
Needless to say, she got fat.
Therefore she decided to move to California to be a star in film and television (or at least the female side kick) and henceforth be ridiculed for her weight gain from eating those Olive Garden Tour-of-Italys. 

But, Lori isn’t looking back. 

She’s had some small successes along the way and is still under the delusion of being a working actor in the golden age of “offer-only” roles and A-list actors starring in commercials. So hang around, she might make you laugh from a video premiering on that tiny smartphone black mirror one of these days.

Chloe Fineman
Chloe is boss-ass bitch from the San Francisco Bay Area. You can catch her around Los Angeles doing standup or on Instagram @chloeiscrazy.

Chloe is currently on a monthly show “Characters Welcome” at UCB, and she’s thrilled to bring her love of absurdity and being “not herself” to Absurd Alchemy.

Graduate: NYU TISCH.

Marcelina Chavira
Marcelina is an adult female human from, I believe, Texas. She is a bubbly soul and loves cats. I’m pretty sure she went to TISCH as well, but don’t quote me on that. She does great voice over work, because she’s basically a cartoon.

When Marcelina grows up she wants to be Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Her favorite color is, let’s say, burnt sienna. I do know for a fact that she loves Start Trek: TNG, X-Files and, ummm Kindred Spirits on TLC? Maybe? I don’t know, I think Kindred Spirits is awesome, personally. And same goes for Marcelina, she’s pretty awesome.

Marcelina Chavira endorses this bio.

Jessica Wilke
An Anaheim-born Disney Princess, Jessica saw an opportunity she just couldn’t pass up and moved to LA. As West Coast regional manager for a global luxury brand, she crushed budgets and signed retailers to the growing business, while also overseeing the California showrooms.

Now, Jessica is the Los Angeles district manager for the Portland-based ice cream phenomenon Salt & Straw. She also helps project manage productions for Absurd Alchemy.